Mayor of Poznań Mr. Jacek Jaśkowiak

Office term:


Contact details:
Secretary's office is situated on the 1st floor, room 108, tel. + 48 61 878 53 06 fax. +48 61 852 92 75, e-mail:

Supervises directly:

  • Internal Audit and Control Office
  • Mayor's Office
  • City Promotion Office
  • Legal Office
  • City Council Office
  • Department for Culture
  • Organisational Department


  • management of the city's current affairs
  • external representation of the city
  • coordination of preparation and implementation of long-term city development plans and programmes
  • supervision of city finances, endorsing the tasks specified in Article 60, paragraph 2 on Municipal Government
  • provision of the timely preparation of projects and implementation of City Council policies
  • issuance of regulatory orders in emergency situations
  • supervision of the work of the managers of municipal units and other district inspectorates and services
  • issuance of decisions on individual matters of public administration
  • organization of the city's cooperation with foreign partners
  • supervision of the city's information and publicity policy
  • supervision of the preparation of emergency response plans in the event of flooding, announcement and cancellation of emergency situations and alarms

In his administrative role as the Office Manager, the Mayor is responsible for:

  • supervision and organization of work and lawful conduct
  • human resource policies
  • supervision of the work of the Deputy Mayors, the City's Secretary and Treasurer and other office employees
  • undertaking decisions on full time employment in subordinate departments
  • overall supervision of tasks implemented by the City Hall.

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