Hannover (Germany)

Agreement signed: 29 October 1979
Range of cooperation: Transport, environmental protection, education, youth issues, services for the disabled, culture, preservation of monuments, sport, the European Union affairs.
Population: 524 thousand inhabitants
Location: In the north of Germany, on the river Leine. The city is the capital of Lower Saxony.
Information about the city:
Hanover was established as a city in 1241. In the 14th century it was a Hanseatic city, from 1636 it became home to a number of princes and in 1837 it became a royal residence. Since 1946 it has been the capital of Lower Saxony. One of the most beautiful sites in Hanover is the Royal Garden in Herrenhausen. Today, Hannover is a centre of industry, trade and education as well as an important crossroads for all forms of transport. The city is internationally reknowned for it's trade fairs ('Industrie' and 'CeBIT) and is home to EXPO 2000.
Effects of Cooperation:
- In 1995 the Environmental Protection Department of Poznan City Hall cooperated with Hanover in organising the exhibition - '1995: European Year of Envionmental Protection'.
- Poznan's City Information Centre was developed with assistance from Hannover (and Notinghamshire)
- Delegates from all over Poland attended a conference organised by 'Trans Tec', a firm from Hanover. The conference, which was about the use of computerised traffic control systems for public transport, resulted in improvements at the Most Teatralny - Roosevelta - Dąbrowskiego crossroads.
- In 1997 children for Hannover and Poznan participated in a cultural project called 'DROGI', which was coordinated by Centre of Children's Art in Poznan and the Hanover Cultural Centre.
- In 1999 two new projects began. The projects, 'The most dangerous time in life' and 'One Breath' , included participants from Czerwonaka, Bristol, Graz and Jyväskylä.
- The Hanover Jazz band 'Happy Jazz & Co. ' took part in the 25th Świętojański festival in June 2000.
- Common organisation of the "European Cooperation Forum, Poznań - Hannover - Rennes" in June 2007 and signing Poznań Declaration concerning the role of cities in the European Union.