Euroasmus and friends cup 2018

UEFA EURO 2012™ legacy is still alive in Poznań! Started in 2012 EUROASMUS AND FRIENDS CUP will take place for the 7th time this year!

Euroasmus and friends cup 2018
Euroasmus and friends cup 2018

In 2012 - Poland. In 2013 - Switzerland. In 2014 - Norway. In 2015 - Georgia. In 2016 - Spain. In 2017 - Portugal.

Who wants to be a 2018 champion?

Don't wait, gather a bunch of friends, sign up your team now and compete with other nationalities in the seventh edition of international student football tournament EUROASMUS AND FRIENDS CUP 2018!

The tournament will take place on June 7th at the stadium Przywodny Rataje Complex, os. Piastowskie 106A in Poznan:

- 10 teams will participate in the competition (first come first service rule).

- Participants of the tournament are international students (studying in Poznan), representatives of their home countries and/or their international teams, including team Poland.

- Teams represent exact countries (at least 4 players must be citizenships of that country).

- Only 1 team can represent exact country (first come first service rule).

- All the teams must register for the tournament via application form and send a scan or a clear photo to by June 1st, 2018 (23:59).

- The teams consist of at least 6 players (max. 10), including a goalkeeper.

- Single player can represent only one team.