Ukraine: Poznan in the lead of study destinations in Poland

On 19-21 April 2018, the "Study in Poznan" delegation took part in the educational fair "Osvita ta karira" in Kiev, Ukraine. People representing universities and colleges under the Poznan label were involved in the Kiev fair for the fourth time (November 2016, April 2017, November 2017, April 2018). During this year's edition, a consistent policy promoting the "Study in Poznan" label began to bring tangible results: it turned out that the number of people intending to study in our city had increased, and they wished to obtain decent information about the specifics of the universities and colleges in Poznan.

Study in Poznan 2018
Study in Poznan 2018

Currently, Ukrainians are the largest group of foreign students in Poland and Poznan as well. They number over 33.6 thousand throughout the country, thus they constitute nearly 50% of the entire population of foreign students in Poland. Similarly, from the perspective of Ukraine, it is Poland that is the most popular destination for higher education overseas. Until now Warsaw and Krakow or cities located near the eastern border were the popular study directions. - A few years ago few people knew where Poznan is. When I said that I am cooperating with a university from Poznan, they usually asked: "in what country" - says Vika Antonova, cooperating with the College of Health, Beauty and Education in Poznan.

Poznan goes to the top

This year, apart from people wanting to collect general information about Polish universities, the "Study in Poznań" stand aroused a great deal of interest among young Ukrainians, as well as their parents who wanted to obtain information about specific fields of study available at Poznan's universities. Many questions also concerned the attitude of Poles towards Ukrainians, as well as the facilities on offer for young people in Poznan. - The situation changed several months ago. Earlier, not many people knew that you can also study in Poznan. Currently, they are specifically interested in universities in this city -  says Raisa Aslanyan, a student at the University of Economics and Business in Poznan. The Poznan delegation in previous years also participated in visits to Ukrainian schools in Kharkov (November 2017, April 2017) or Odessa (April 2017). Currently in Poznan there are over 2000 Ukrainian students. 

Why Poland?

Young people want to study in Poland due to the high level of education on offer along with better prospects in the labor market. In Kiev and in other Ukrainian cities as well, the number of people learning Polish is also increasing. Fluency in this language can help not only in studying, but also in obtaining financial support-for example, by being awarded the Stefan Banach Scholarship Program or other scholarship programs offered by the National Agency for Academic Exchange. What's more, this year interest in secondary schools in Poland has also grown-an area still open for potential development.

Young Ukrainians who frequented the "Study in Poznan" stand could learn more about our city form a freshly launched promotional movie, that can be viewed here.

The "Study in Poznan" project was represented by the following people:

  • Viktoria Antonova - College of Health, Beauty and Education in Poznań
  • Raisa  Asalanyan - Poznan University of Economics and Business
  • Aliaksandra Balashova - Collegium Da Vinci
  • Maria Brendel - Poznan University of Economics and Business
  • Iuliia Chaplia - Poznan School of Logistics
  • Eliza Kania - Poznan City Hall
  • Iryna Kryvonosenko - Poznan School of Logistics 
  • Victoria Magdych - WSB University
  • Konstiantyn Mazur - Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan
  • Michał Rzepka - The Samuel Bogumił Linde College of Modern Languages;
  • Dorota Słowińska - SWPS University 
  • Olga Vakhrina - Poznan University of Technology

who also held a series of targeted meetings and lectures for Ukrainian teenagers and young adults.

The Poznan delegation was supported by Maria Savitska, who helped with Ukrainian translation.

- Eliza Kania