University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USWPS)

The University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USWPS) is one of the most important and renowned higher education institutions in Poland offering top-quality interdisciplinary education since 1996. The main Faculty is located in Warsaw while the rest is in Poznań, Wroclaw, Katowice and Sopot.

Well-qualified and highly-experienced academic staff is undoubtedly one of the university's greatest assets. Currently, USWPS employs 79 professors, 59 associate professors and 197 doctors. On a regular basis, students get involved in numerous research projects that are funded from various EU grants. This all finds reflection in the high number of publications issued by USWPS scholars annually.

USWPS runs programs of study that are interdisciplinary in nature. As far as the offer with English as the sole language of instruction is concerned, the Faculty in Warsaw attracts candidates with Psychology in English, International Business Relations, English Studies and American Studies, while the Faculty in Poznań runs Design Studies known as the School of Form (SoF).

All classes are delivered in rooms equipped with state-of-the-art computers, overhead projectors, flat screens and a sound system. SoF students have modern sewing machines, ceramic tools, fabrics, forms and any other materials they need at their disposal. Such expedient allows for learning not only theoretical, but also practical skills.

USWPS participates on a large scale in international exchange programs such as Erasmus Plus, Atlantis and Santander Universidades and it cooperates extensively with universities in China, Korea and Vietnam. What is more, students can spend a semester or two at the College of Saint Rose (USA). Multiple options of studying abroad give them an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience and to become aware of and tolerant to cultural diversity. The university is working towards establishing partnerships with institutions located all over the world, e.g. in Myanmar. USWPS diplomas are associated with top-notch quality and prestige and they have gained official recognition from the government of China and Turkey.

Facts & figures

Established in 1996

Over 16 450 students

79 professors

42 associate prfessirs

192 doctors


International Affairs Department:

ul. Chodakowska 19/31, 03-815 Warszawa, Poland

Phone: +48 22 517 97 04 Fax: +48 22 740 90 10


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