Muzeum Archeologiczne (Archaeological Museum)


The Archaeological Museum is more than 150 years old. It is home to a famous obelisk to Ramses II, a very rare sight in this part of Europe, a real Egyptian mummy, the famous bullocks of Bytyń and many other noteworthy historic artefacts from Wielkopolska and Africa, the museum's two main research interests. The institution is also engaged in furthering archaeology in the Poznań area as it launches and contributes to numerous projects of importance for research into the period that immediately follows the city's foundation.

The institution caters to a broad discerning audience, raises the awareness of scientific advances and popularises historical knowledge. This precisely is the purpose of its exhibitions, many of which feature fascinating innovative display types, drawing the public with their captivating themes. The Archaeological Museum of Poznań is a municipal institution of culture financed by the city.

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