Citadel Museums

Museum of Armaments
It was established in 1965 in the bunker of the former S.K.1. War Laboratory, which produced gunpowder and shells. The Museum collects and exhibits iconographic, archival materials and military exhibits associated with the history of Winiary Fort from its establishment to contemporary times. The large part of the exhibition is devoted to the battle of the fortress in February 1944 and the participation of Poznań residents in the event. But, the greatest attraction of the place is the outdoor park with military equipment. In the museum courtyard, one can admire Russian T-34 and IS-2 tanks, a self-propelled ISU-122 gun tank, and on the fenced area near museum, aircrafts, mortars, guns, cars (e.g. a unique ZiS-5/12 car with a Z-ISA anti-aircraft light), and an old BM-13N "Katiusza" rocket launcher, mounted on the American "Studebaker"US-6 truck. Next to items well-known from World War II fronts, one can also spot post-war devices, withdrawn from the Polish Army armaments, such as Ił-28, Su-20, Jak-12M aircrafts, an SM-1 helicopter or a T-55A tank. The museum also holds temporary exhibitions.

Museum of the "Poznań" Army
It was established in 1982 in a so called Citadel Western Trestle Bridge, i.e. linking casemate corridor leading to the Small Sluice and Wojciech's Port. The museum houses two permanent exhibitions. The main one presents the history of the army and military spirit in Wielkopolska region in the years 1918-39, i.e. from the Wielkopolska Uprising to the Polish Campaign 1939 and the battle of the "Poznań" Army on Bzura river. Here, you can see original photographs, documents, maps, flags, and the elements of the soldiers' equipment and armaments. The other exhibition entitled "Conspiracy in Wielkopolska 1939-1945" depicts the activities of the Polish resistance movement during the Nazi occupation. One can also learn about conspiracy organizations, profiles of underground movement activists and fighting methods. The exhibition also presents numerous military items, from airdrops for the Polish Home Army, found after the end of the war in Wieczyn on the Prosna River.

Source: Jarosław Bączyk "Zarys historii Cytadeli (Fortu Winiary), Wielkopolskie Muzeum Walk niepodległościowych" [A Short History of the Citadel (Winiary Fort), the Museum of Fight for Independence of Wielkopolska]

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