City Information Centre - branch at the Poznań Main Railway Station (new building)


Complex information about Poznan
We serve the needs of people travelling in Poznan on business, as tourists, organisers of excursions, meetings and conferences, members of organised groups of tourists and Poznanians themselves.
CIM provides information about the economy, services for the business community and the City's academic institutions, as well as housing a database for tourism, culture, sport, transport and news of local interest. We provide this information in 6 languages: Polish, English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Hotel rooms booking and restaurant seats reservation

Tour guide services

We provide tour guide services. Further information:
Tourist Information Centre, phone: +48 61 852 61 56, e-mail:


  • The City Publishing Office publications (IKS, The Poznan City Chronicle, The City Bulletin)
  • Publications about Poznan (plans, guides, books)
  • Tickets for cultural events and to selected theatres.
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