Fortifications on plan

Fort Va Bonin


The Fort is a part a complex of 18 forts of so called "Fortress Poznań". The 19th century Poznań Fortress is one of the best preserved examples of such objects in Europe. Its construction consisted of two stages. The first stage, initiated in the first half of the 19th century, included the training ground fortress - virtually non-existent today. Its remains are the Cathedral Sluice and the Citadel. In the second part of the century military technology was considerably more developed, especially in its artillery aspect. Consequently, the decision was made to build a multiple fort fortress. The fortress works from that period have been mostly preserved until the present day.

The visit to the fortress includes both the underground and the aboveground part of the object. The permanent exhibitions present the history of Poznań Fortress, the development of the fortifications and the battles of Poznań in 1945 in an intelligible way. In the barracks one can see what the soldiers' life was like in the fort, where the cannons were placed and what ammunition was used. In the underground part you can see the long corridor under the moat ("the test of darkness") as well as a front-barge caponier. 

The visit to the fort lasts about one hour. The entrance is at: 11, 12.30, 14, 15,30,


8 and 6 złoty

Opening hours

Weekends and holidays from May till September, 11am - 6pm.

The entrance is at: 11, 12.30, 14, 15,30

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