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LECH Brewery Visitors Centre


LECH Visitors Centre is a beer lovers' paradise and the only place where you can find out about the process of producing your favourite beer. Enter the world of LECH to see what the Centre has to offer and find out that...amazing things really happen around here!

Visit the pub, watch the gadgets, sign the Guest Book. Attractions are abundant at LECH Visitors Centre!!!

The brewhouse is the Brewery's pounding heart: the huge copper tubs and vats contribute to the venue's unique ambience. See it for yourself! The intense smell of beer yeast will lead you to the fermenting cellar. You will find out about the gigantic can-shaped constructions hovering above the brewery, painted LECH green. You will discover the secret of young beer and will watch it acquiring the magical golden sparkle appreciated by all beer lovers. However, you are bound to be show genuine excitement on the packaging floor, watching 17 bottles and 27 cans filled within a single second! You will see how our brewery combines modern technology and brewing tradition.

The universe of multimedia is about great fun: try your hand at... brewing beer single-handedly in a huge machine! Play the beer crown game or become a beer constructor. Enter the electronic guest book. The best is yet to come: the gigantic e-mail can is a real hit, available to all visitors. Have a picture of you against LECH beer logo and send it to your friends!

By phone - 48 61 66 77 460
By e-mail - swiatlecha@kp.pl

Booking must be done at least one day in advance.

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