M1 Poznań


During the Shopping Festival in the M1 POZNAŃ Shopping Centre, the prices will fall just for you - by 50% or more.

Apart from the selection of over 120 stores and stalls, we have prepared an additional feature: Polish crystals and ceramics fair. Anyone will be able to purchase hand-crafted and beautifully ornamented chalices, crystal sculptures, vases and other products made by artists from throughout the country, which are known and admired on the whole world.
We invite you to visit M1!

M1 Poznań

The M1 POZNAŃ Shopping Centre is the biggest shopping centre in the Greater Poland area (its complete area amounts to 220 000 square meters). The product selection of shops in the M1 Poznań is of high quality and affordable price, set to satisfy anyone's needs. Here, you will find both regional products from throughout Poland (ceramics, crystals, original highlander merchandise, beautiful clay ornaments, typical Polish candy), and large stores of renowned brands: H&M, Sephora, Levi's, Media Markt, Camel, New Yorker, Claire DK, Orsay, Camaieu, Stottrop, Calzedonia, Triumph, Reserved, Carry.
Thanks to wide passages and one-story construction, there is no need to use elevators or uncomfortable stairs.

A free kindergarten in also available; there, your children will spend happy moments under thoughtful care.

An additional convenience is a parking lot with 3400 parking spaces (including 200 watched spaces), and 4 bus lines, which will ferry you to our centre from any part of Poznań.

M1 POZNAŃ Shopping Centre
ul. Szwajcarska 14
61-285 Poznań

tel. +48 61 8745 770
fax +48 61 8745 781


Opening hours:
Mon. - Sat. 9-21; Sun. 10-19