Martyrological Museum in Żabikowo


The Martyrs' Museum in Żabikowo set up in 1979, carries out its statutory tasks by taking care of the area and remains of the buildings which were a part of a Nazi concentration camps between 1941-1945 and a former internment camp where German people were detained between 1945-1948. 

The museum area covers about 3 ha and expands for almost 0.5 km along the A2 motorway - it is also commemorated with memorials related to the martyring of Poles, Jews, Luxembourgers, the Dutch, citizens of the former Soviet Union and other nations.

The museum building was expanded on the foundations of the camp barrack and the remains of the Nazi camp commander's villa. It complies with all the requirements of maintaining and commemorating the museum' substance; it has also an educational function as it serves as the International Youth Meeting Centre.

A. 2016

Opening hours

Tue-Fri 9am-3pm, Sat-Sun10am-2pm

Ticket's prices

free entrance

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