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The Kórnik castle is situated 20 km from Poznań - the capital of Wielkopolska region (western part of Poland).

The first castle at the place was probably built in 14th century. What we know for sure is that in 1426 Mikołaj Górka, the owner of Kórnik, ordered a local carpenter to finish the roof in his new residence. The castle was stately residence for extremely rich Polish magnate Górka family, which had a profound influence on the royal court. In 1574 the last owner of the castle from the family received a newly elected king - Henry de Valois.

In the middle of the 18th century the castle was inherited by Teofila born Działyńska Szołdrska-Potulicka. This pretty and mystery lady decided to rebuild and renovate destroyed residence. The castle received a very fashionable baroque facade surrounded by a French garden.

The last renovation of the castle was carried out in the first half of the 19th century by the new owner, count Tytus Działyński (1797-1861), a well-known Polish patriot, book collector and publisher of the historical materials. The plans were prepared by two Italian (Antonio Corazzi and Enrico Marconi) and a German (Karl Friedrich Schinkel) architects. Tytus Działyński used them only in some part, referring mostly to an English neo-gothic style with some decorative Arabic motives. Finally, the castle received a picturesque fortified character. The rebuilding took more than twenty years. Count Działyński placed in the castle his summer residence, library and private museum with a military collection.

Together with his wife Celina Gryzelda born Zamoyska count Tytus, as a patriot, arranged the castle's interiors employing many local craftsmen (rather than foreigners). Two following owners of the Kórnik Castle - counts Jan Działyński and Władysław Zamoyski, did not changed the chambers' decorations.

Fortunately, the castle was not damaged during the World War II. Therefore, the interiors preserved, with their unforgettable 19th century atmosphere, full of the family mementos and remembrances of the national glory.

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Museum and galleries are always closed on Mondays.
Opening hours in the Kórnik Castle Museum depend on season.
Every winter there is a renovation brake and the museum is closed for visitors.

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