Musuem of Meat Industry in Sielinko


Museum is situated in Sielinko near Opalenica. It has been founded by prof. Wincenty Pezacki in 1996. This is the one that kind of museum in Poland and one of three all over the world.
The exposition presents the history of the butchery and meat industry since the half of 17th century till sixties of 20th century. The collection documents different stages of meat processing and selling meat products. Machines and meat processing units are presented in order that include development of driving energy sources  (since steam engines up to electrical ones). The museum gathered large collection of different meat industry machines: meat grinders, knifes, axes, saws, stuffing and forming machines. There is also very interesting collection of shop scales and cutters. Exposition of  ways of animal transport is placed in atrium.
Different part of exposition are flags, chests and documents of meat guild, documents of meat industry organisations and presentation of people that were honoured in history  of meat processing.
The visitors can also use museum library.

Museum is closed on Mondays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Opening hours

TUE,FRID - 9am-1pm/WED,THU-9am-3pm

Ticket's prices



Museum offers:
-     visiting exposition of history of meat processing and meat industry
-    presentation of meat processing machines and units
-    exposition of animal transport units
-    exposition of unique flags, guild chests and documents
-    rich collection of books about meat processing.

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