Poznań Bambers' Museum


The Poznań Bamber Museum holds a record of the history and culture of Bamber farmers stemming from the Bamberg area who arrived in Poznaƒ at the invitation of the city's authorities to settle down and help reconstruct nearby villages (today's city districts).

A 2017

Opening hours

Friday - Saturday 10am-2pm, groups are required to be announced earlier - tel. 061 847-43-54

Admission free on

every day


With rare exceptions, the Museum displays items from the 19th and early 20th centuries illustrating the culture of local rural area Bambers.
The exhibition shows a 19th century house of a wealthy Bamber farmer, surrounded by a garden and furnished with furniture, tools and pictures.
The most precious items include:
- a turn of the 17th century baptism bonnet from Bamberg
(deposited with the Museum),
- embroidered bonnets, bands and scarves.

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