The vast selection of Poznan restaurants will cater to the most demanding palates, and those offering delicacies of regional cuisine are especially worth recommending, although Jewish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and other restaurants are also commonplace. At the same time, visitors can count on the numerous restaurants, pubs and cafés, especially those lining the Old Market, for an unforgettable atmosphere.


The Royal-Imperial Route is one of the tourist trails crosscutting Poznań. Take it to tread the paths of kings and emperors, who developed a particular fondness for this city. You will encounter historic sights of European class, see galleries and museums, take part in exciting events and learn about the history, tradition and culture of the place where Poland began.
The Royal-Imperial Route offers an abundance  of information signs of great value to the sightseer. These are tourist signs, plaques describing persons after whom streets were named, plaques on key historic sights, boards with general information on areas along the Royal-Imperial Rout and multimedia kiosks.
Visit our website The Royal-Imperial Route to download free tourist folders on various areas and attractions of the Royal-Imperial Route.

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