A photo of a fossilised finger with a gold ring on a grey uneven background

Exhibition: We are always in danger of magic

14.05 – 12.06.2021

Exhibition We are always in danger of magic open until 12 June

Artists: Nora Aurrekoetxea,  Pierre Gerard,  Dalila Gonçalves,  Florian Kiniques
curated by Christophe Veys

The idea for the exhibition was born from the will to put together works by four artists who pay a lot of attention to details in their practice, and then magnify those small elements in their works. This aspect has been highlighted by the title of the exhibition, which comes from a poem by Emily Dickinson - an exceptionally original poet, who paid attention to the smallest details, especially those from the world of nature.

As the title suggests, we can encounter magic everywhere: at a street corner, in the depths of a forest or in the bottom of a pocket. Serendipity - a lucky coincidence - plays an important role in the origin of the works presented herein. Moreover, thanks to the work and determination of the artists, poetry "about almost nothing at all" becomes a deep, mysterious obviousness, perhaps too complex for those who would like to understand everything straight away. Just as in the poems of Emily Dickinson, there are many paths of possible interpretations, numerous ways to follow, and we need to focus our attention a thousandfold.

text: Rodriguez Gallery

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