Is the pandemic really a booming time for the IT industry?

Experts from the IT industry, HR managers and representatives of the City of Poznań were looking for answers to this key question during the premiere of the report - "Investment Potential of the IT Sector in Poznań". On the 8th of September representatives of the City of Poznań and the Business Environment met in Data Center They analysed the potential of the IT industry in Poznań, the impact of the pandemic on this sector and theprospects for its development.

IT Sector Investment Potential in Poznań/ - grafika artykułu
IT Sector Investment Potential in Poznań/

The release of the report "Investment Potential of the IT Sector in Poznań" took place on the 8th of September. This account was prepared by ManpowerGroup for the City of Poznań. The event has begun with the presentation of the report's conclusions. Konrad Gandziarski, Head of Experis IT Solutions (ManpowerGroup) presented the positive dynamics in the development of the IT industry in Poznań. The data shows that the demand for IT specialists in Poznań is very high - over 87% of the surveyed entrepreneurs are going to increase employment in the next few months. Employers not only guarantee good terms of cooperation (92.5% of IT companies in Poznań offer an employment agreement) but also they provide non-wage benefits. 

- The IT sector had been one of the best adapted to remote work before and the COVID-19 pandemic intensified this phenomenon. Therefore, the possibility of remote work and flexible working hours are the most commonly offered non-wage benefits for employees. Highly qualified employees are educated at Poznań universities - 7 of them offer to study in the IT field - said Konrad Gandziarski. 

The issues connected to the demands and changes in the labour market were also a part of the later discussion. "Did the IT industry win over the pandemic? Development possibilities of the IT sector in Poznań" - that is the title of the debate, which was moderated by Katarzyna Sobocińska, Deputy Director of the Investor Relations Department of the City of Poznań. The discussion was provided by the specialists: Justyna Mazur - Head of Experis IT Perm (ManpowerGroup), Beata Lewicka-Arendt - Head of HR and Wojciech Wencel - CEO summ-it. During the debate, experts raised the issue of the recruitment process in pandemic times.

- While the covid-19 has hit all of us hard, it paradoxically has brought positive changes to the recruitment industry. The new reality has taught us to work agile, use IT tools on a bigger scale, and it has also tested us in adapting to new conditions. But what's crucial, the current situation reminded us that people play the most important role in our recruitment industry despite the technological transformation - Barbara Arendt-Lewicka, Head of HR in shared her experience. Wojciech Wencel, CEO summ-it also treats the pandemic not as a danger, but as an opportunity.

- The change in working conditions had allowed us to reach well-qualified employees from outside our region... In turn, this is a chance for us, because attractive working conditions for the employees will encourage them to move to our city - claimed Wojciech Wencel, CEO summ-it. 

In conclusion, the experts discussed activities that they can take together for the development of the IT industry in Poznań.

- From the point of view of the City of Poznań, the most important task is the comprehensive promotion of the City's brand and its potential as a strong technological centre. This action should be addressed to investors and specialists working in the IT industry from all over Poland. Cooperation between companies, the city, and the business environment is crucial and today's debate was a good example of such collaboration - claimed Katarzyna Sobocińska.

We invite you to read the report "IT Sector Investment Potential in Poznań" and to listen to the presentation and debate Youtube.

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