New Investment GSK Finance Hub in Poznan

GSK, one of the largest investors in the Polish pharmaceutical industry, will open the GSK Finance Hub in Poznan. The new center will be responsible for financial processes within the entire GSK Group in Europe. The investment worth over PLN 30 million will allow the creation of up to 300 new high-paid and specialized workplaces.

GSK Finance Hub Opening
GSK Finance Hub Opening

Poznan center is one of three such regional units of GSK Finance Hub in the world and is a part of the new operational model of GSK's global financial functions. They will be the centers of expertise that deal with advanced analysis, reporting, planning, coordination and consulting. A team of Poznan GSK Finance Hub specialists will be responsible for the European region and will cooperate closely with other financial specialists working in Europe and in various functions, such as research and development and production, supporting the GSK Group's turnover of PLN 40 billion.

Besides business planning and forecasting as well as financial reporting and control, the newly created team will be involved in the development of GSK finance functions based on modern technological solutions, including intelligent automation of financial processes, using mobile technology and robotization of processes.

- GSK is strongly connected with Poland and has been conducting many business and investment activities for 20 years - among others, drug manufacturing, GSK IT Business Service Center, clinical research and from now GSK Finance Hub. Poland creates a friendly environment for conducting business activities, but also stands out with strong human capital, thanks to which we can attract innovative projects of global range here - said Nikos Xydias, GSK general director in Poland.

This year, the current team of about 2 thousand GSK employees employed in Poland will increase by another 80 people. Ultimately, in the next two years, 200-300 specialists will work at GSK Finance Hub. This is a unique opportunity for people who want to develop their career and competences in a diverse area of finance: from planning, reporting and analysis, through support for research and development centers, corporate functions, production and business activities. The new center, like GSK's previous investments in Poland, will develop unique professional competences of experts, this time from the area of finance.

- We took into consideration several locations, but Poznan turned out to be the obvious winner - said Mark Heathcote, vice president of financial services at the GSK Headquarter during the official opening announcement. - Not only because we already have our departments here. Poznan is an open, vibrant city with a dynamic business culture and a huge scientific and expert base.

One of Poznan's greatest assets are qualified staff and academic potential - there are 25 universities in the city, where almost 120,000 students are studying. There are also dozens of scientific research and development centers, including the PAN department. The city is an important transport hub, it is also competitive with other places in terms of  quality of life: Poznan focuses on openness and diversity, provides a rich cultural offer and green recreational areas. In addition, the city systematically supports investors: it has a developed technical infrastructure and a business services system.

- For many years, the City of Poznan has been carrying out activities aimed at acquiring new and supporting existing investors - emphasizes Katarzyna Kierzek-Koperska, a Deputy Mayor of Poznan. - Technologically advanced industries, including modern business and IT services, are our priorities. We have great specialists and good infrastructure. The example of the GSK company confirms that Poznan creates attractive and safe conditions for investing. I wish the company further development in Poznan.