2009 Ice Sculpture Festival

Sculptors from all over the world met in Poznan for the fourth time. First place in the main competition went to artists from the USA; second to the Polish team, and third to artists from Canada. Twelve teams from different countries participated in the 4th Ice Sculpture Festival. The best sculptures were selected by the inhabitants of Poznan.

The main prize went to the sculpture "Peace", created by the team from the United States including Aaron Costic and T.J. Grubisha. To voters' delight, second prize went to our countrymen - Jędrzej Jankowski and Krzysztof Gac. The Polish team presented one of the great cartoon heroes - Spider-Man. Two Canadians, Suguru Kanbayashi and Kevin Ashe who presented Santa Claus with presents on a Harley, came third. The winners received prizes of 1500, 1000 and 500 Euros, respectively, for the extraordinary effort they put into their work.

A dozen or so Poznanians stayed to admire the work of the artists throughout the whole day.

The Poznan competition is the only such event in Poland. In the evening Ray Wilson's concert warmed up the audience - the artist played his biggest hits especially for the inhabitants of Poznan.

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