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You can also try to delve into Poznań unique atmosphere. Every part of the city has its own specific character, numerous Poznań's historical buildings present various architectural styles - from Romanism to Art Nouveau.

To start with, you can warm up with the most convenient way to explore Poznań and the surrounding areas is to use Poznań City Card, and the prepared tourist routes, including the Royal-Imperial Route. There are also Poznań oldest districts: Śródka, Komandoria and Ostrów Tumski on the right bank of the Warta river. Here the oldest church in Poland (or to be precise some remains of it) is located. The Church of Virgin Mary is dated back to 965. 

If looking for both special and social atmosphere don't miss Poznań Old Market Square. Its beautiful Renaissance Town Hall, historic tenement houses, pubs, restaurants, fountains and the charming streets that surround it contribute to the place's unique ambience. The nearby Parish Church is among Poland's most magnificent and majestic Baroque churches. Equally impressive is the imposing shape of the last European residence of Emperor dating back to early 20th century.

While delving into Poznan unique atmosphere you can also try to discover more alternative sides of the city. In Górczyn distrit you can find magnificent examples of Art-Noveau tenements, but also districts like Jeżyce and Wilda, loved by long-term residents as well as hipster newcomers will surely enthrall you with charming buildings dating back to the turn of the XIX century or even older ones. Following the track of modernist buildings, with its most spledid example Okrąglak is also worth considering. And there are some highlights for history and military architecture lovers as well. In Poznań you can visit the biggest in Central Europe fortification buildings complex - Cytadela. It is spread all over the city, surrounds it with its somewhat majestic and dark constructions, and reminds that the city had also tough moments of its history.

Poznań City Card

The Card will save your time and money: its holders are entitled to the free use of public transportation, free admission to the museums and selected tourist attractions as well as discounts in restaurants, movie theaters, the opera and more. The Card comes with a guidebook which includes all key information on city attractions. The Card is available in one-, two- and three-day versions.

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