Poznań Silent Night 2021

Continuing the yearly tradition, we invite you to meet at the steps of Arkadia (Plac Wolności) to maintain the sense of community and sing the beautiful 'Silent Night' together.

Experience a very special time with the singers  all over the world. Save the date! December 18th, 6 PM. 

Poznań Silent Night 2021 - grafika artykułu
Poznań Silent Night 2021

"Poznan Silent Night" is a project for all people, Polish and International students, visitors and residents of Poznan. During the event at Plac Wolności we will come together at our Christmas market and stage to sing "Silent Night" in many different languages, regardless of age, gender, skin color, religion or culture we represent.


Poznań is a city holding education and student life as focal points for the development of the entire metropolitan area. The presence of international students in Poznań testifies to its prestige and aspirations. Both Polish and International students involve themselves in city life, become our fellow-residents, neighbors and friends. That's why we are delighted to offer this activity to celebrate their presence in the city of Poznań and make life more enjoyable for all this Holiday Season.

Poznań Silent Night is intended to make international students feel welcome and included in the Christmas spirit of Poznań, especially if they are hundreds or thousands of kilometers away from home. Our goal is to bring the entire academic community together, despite which faculties or departments they come from. We invite all international students and staff to get together at the heart of Poznań, the Plac Wolności (Freedom Square), where we hope as a community to convey a message of an open, tolerant and hospitable city we live in.

During the event, we will sing on stage at the Arkadia steps and around the head of the square, creating a joint multilingual holiday choir. Well-known and popular Christmas songs will be mixed with multilingual renditions of "Silent Night". Along with the singing, we will hear live music and acoustic back tracks. This way, everyone will find something for them to enjoy and sing along the rhythm of their favorite Christmas music, which will bring us straight into the truly festive atmosphere. The magic of the upcoming Holidays will be enhanced by beautiful lighting of the surrounding Christmas Market. Additional heaters for participants and an introduction from an English speaking master of ceremonies will be provided.

The evening will be completed by a "Silent Disco" during which the public will be able to listen and dance to music using headphones prepared for them (200 sets will be handed out). There will be three music channels broadcasting carols and international Christmas music to choose from.

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