Our Offer

The Academy offers the Incoming Students many different courses, for instance violin, organ, trombone, saxophone or chamber music classes.

The Academy conducts an interdisciplinary post-graduate program of study along with the College of Social Sciences in cultural management. Particularly famous is the violin program, from which students have gone on to win awards at prestigious competitions all over the world.

Fields of studies:

I. Faculty of Composition, Conducting, Theory of Music and Eurhythmics
II. Faculty of Instruments
III. Faculty of Vocal Studies
IV. Faculty of Choral Conducting, Music Education and Church Music
V. Faculty of String Instruments, Harp, Guitar and Violin-Making

The Academy offers two-cycle studies in Polish language:

1.  First cycle of studies (three-year Bachelor's degree programme),
2. Second cycle of studies (two-year Master's degree programme),
3. Postgraduate Instrumental Studies (two or four semesters) in instrument playing (modern and historical instruments) - a certificate.
4. Ph.D. degree
5. Postdoctoral degree

Recruitment Information for Foreign Students, the academic year 2012/2013:

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