SPORTS AND RECREATION: be active in Poznań

If you want to spend your time actively there are dozens of possibilities for you in Poznań. First of all - 26,2% of total area of Poznań is covered with green areas- there are over 40 parks and more than 100 squares encourage to have a good time outdoors. Poznań is covered with a network of bicycle paths and the city is home to a multitude of sports facilities, which serve its residents as well as professional athletes. Poznań offers also space for jogging, cycling, horse riding, skiing, swimming and walking. 

What is more several dozens of international and several hundred of nationwide and regional sports events take place in Poznań every year. The city is home to multitude of sports facilities, which serve its residents as well as professional athletes. Over 150 artificial grass playing fields (the largest number in Poland) have been constructed so far, and new ones are still under construction.

Four large lakes are located within the city limits: MaltaKierskieRusałka and Strzeszyńskie. Lake Malta, situated in the citycentre,  is the site of one of the world's most advanced regatta courses, where numerous competitions, many of them international, take place. Poznań Malta features a year-round ski slope, a sledging course, mini golf and Arenaline Coaster. In 2011, one of the largest year-round sports and recreation complex in Poland  - Termy Maltańskie was opened. Lake Kiekrz offers piers for a dozen plus sailing clubs. In winter time, the lake attracts iceboat racers, ice-boarders and ultra-light pilots on skates or skis.

When selecting the place to study, do not forget that Poznań was a host city of UEFA EURO 2012™!

The Municipal Stadium for 44,000 spectators becomes full to the brim during every match. Lech Poznań became the Poland's Champion in 2010 and succesfully played in The UEFA Europa League 2011, beating Manchester City and eliminating Juventus. The stadion also is the host to the great big events, such as Red Bull X-Fighters.

Most popular international sports events in Poznań:

Numerous green spaces (over 40 parks and more than 100 green areas) of Poznań encourage its residents to spend their free time outdoors. It is worth going for a long walk, among others, to a beautiful, especially in spring, the Morasko Meteorite Reserve.

The Citadel Park is a frequent venue for music concerts and other events. While there, check out Poland's only permanent exhibition of large sculptures: "The Unrecognized" by Magdalena Abakanowicz comprising 112 cast iron figures.

Botany-lovers will be attracted by the rich collection of Poznań Palm House, one of the largest in Europe.

Poznań is also home to one of Europe's largest zoological gardens in the area of 117 hectares. The visitors may watch here 2,000 animals (approximately 140 species), as well as Europe's largest elephant park.

Bicycles as means of transport are becoming more and more popular in Poznań. At the disposal of supporters of active relaxation, there are many cycle lanes that are located, among others, around lakes and forests of the Wielkopolski National Park and Zielonka forest.

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