SOCIAL DIMENSION: student life

Each year, over 30,000 students graduate from Poznań institutions of higher education. Three-quarters of them are foreign incomers who have chosen to stay in the city they believe to be best for learning and living.

Poznań universities and colleges offer numerous courses and study programs (check it out) including these held in foreign languages that end with a bachelor's or master's degree. Poznań universities and colleges educate over 102,000 students, including 7,000 foreign students from over 100 countries. Every second foreign student in Poznań comes from another European country, every fourth from South America or Asia. The largest number of students stems from Ukraine, Belarus, Norway, United States, Taiwan and Spain. 

Once a year in May, the Mayor of Poznań hands in the city gate keys to the students. Crowds of young people use the occasion to celebrate on the city streets. Juwenalia - a vivid student parade kicks off a series of musical, sports and cultural events. Invariably, Juwenalia's biggest attractions are concerts - a chance to listen to favourite music genres in various compilations. The music festival is always accompanied by various events under the patronage of particular universities: Agronalia, AWF -alia, Great Grilling at Adam Mickiewicz University, Polibuda Open Air, Artenalia. Every year, Juwenalia offers days of pure fun allowing students to assert their independence and display their imagination.

But expect for University activities you can experience social life in Poznań in many clubs, bars and pubs, and during summer and spring time take advantage of Warta River and its popular riverbank - unique and still tempting with a bit of wilderness.  

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SOCIAL DIMENSION: student life


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