There are many antique shops in Poznan, most of them located in the Old Market.

Selected antique shops / bookshops:

1. Old Slaughterhouse,  ul. Garbary 101/111, tel. +48 61 852 11 26,

  • Antique Market open on the second Saturday of every month (from 6am to 2pm)
  • regular - every Saturday exept the second Saturday of every month (from 6am to 2pm)

2. Antyki Kolekcjoner - ul. Kramarska 20, tel. +48 61 853 07 82

3. Antykwariat im. J.K. Żupańskiego, ul. Paderewskiego 3/5, tel. +48 61 852 63 12


Poznan is located half-way between Berlin and Warsaw, and the extensive network of road, railroad and "plane connections ensures efficient transport and makes it easy to reach our city. Traffic jams are to be expected on city entry and exit routes, especially during rush hours.  

Access to Poznań


Poznan offers diverse accommodation options at various prices - from prestigious luxury hotel chains located in the very heart of the city to cosy hostels situated either in the downtown area or in the suburbs. Some hostels run bicycle rentals, as well as their own cultural and tourism information points. There are also a large number of private rooms available for rent and in summer, tourists can stay at the campgrounds located at Lake Malta.   

However, it needs to be kept in mind that accommodation prices vary depending on the season and the city's trade show schedule (it's usually more expensive to rent a room at a hotel in peak trade fair season).


Poznań is one of the most beautifully situated cities in Poland. There are many architectural, historical and natural attractions around.


Around Poznań

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