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New Zoological Garden


The Zoological Gardens of almost 117 hectares located on Biała Góra (the White Mountain) in the vicinity of the Lake Malta, is a wonderful natural landscape which has become an inherent part of the Poznan cityscape. A diversified wooden area on the one hand allows for creation of conditions resembling natural settings for the local animals, and on the other it makes watching these animals more attractive to the visitors.

Over 40% of the species presented in the Poznan Zoo are endangered on a global or local scale and around 100 species are included in the European Endangered Species Programme.

Walking around the Zoo, it is worth stopping not only to see tigers, giraffes, rhinoceroses or monkeys, but also paying some attention to smaller and seemingly less interesting animals, such as the only Bawean deer in Europe, anteaters or those mysterious prosimians from Madagascar - lemurs.

The animals, as far as possible, are put in vast pens, where conditions resemble their natural habitats. Special attention should be paid to predatory birds represented by over 200 species. The Zoo's attractions also include animals rarely presented in Polish zoological gardens, such as a white rhinoceros and snow leopard, as well as the Nordic Animals Pavilion, Insects Pavilion with a Butterfly House, and the Elephant House opened in 2009.

Opening hours

From November to Ferbruary open the hours 8-16, ticket office 9-15
elephant from 10 to 14, weekend and holiday 10-15
March and October open the hours 9-17, ticket office 9-16
elephant from 10 to 16
From April to September open the hour 9-19, ticket office 9-18
elephant from 10 to 18



15 zl normal, 8 zl reduced, 35 zl family ticket (for not more than six family members including no more than two adult persons)

Sat-Sun, holidays

20 zł normal, 10 zł reduced, 50 zł family ticket

children under 3 years-free

From November to Ferbruary 8 zł

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