Promno Landscape Park

Established in 1993, it is the smallest landscape park in the Province of Wielkopolska (it covers an area of 2.077 ha). Squeezed in between Poznań - Gniezno railway line, Pobiedziska and Kociałkowa Górka, it protects the post - glacial morainal landscape, and the majority of its area is forest covered. A unique feature of the park is the habitat of swamp sawgrass on Lake Drążynek, which is considered the largest in the region of Wielkopolska. Several hollows in the land are filled with water and create picturesque ponds in the forests. The Park includes Promno Leafy Forest, Lake Dębiniec, and Lake Drążynek nature reserves.
The Park is located about 2 km south from Pobiedziska. It is easy accessible on foot from Promno and Pobiedziska railway stations (railway line from Poznań to Gniezno) as well as from the route. The Park is located on a County Ring - a bicycle track going from Lake Malta in Poznań.