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Salt Cavern GALOS Chwiałkowskiego 34


Salt cave is the latest and original method of application of rock salt with traced minerals so your body receive them to improve your health. We use salt airfor inhalation, rehabilitation, prophylactics and health protection.

In our salt caves you will find a specific micro climate with its exceptional bacteriological cleanliness. The air inside our salt caves is saturated with minerals and trace minerals including energized water and protection from bad radiation.

We use lightning that is only made behind minerals and semiprecious stones to give you positive feeling on your body.

Relaxation therapy is associated with advantageous negative ionization. The air in the cave includes: selenium, iodine, calcium, potassium, magnesium,  and many more elements in natural salts used from many parts of the world.

Opening hours

daily from 10 to 20


Reduced/ Normal 10/15 pln

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