Poznań as virtual guest at Rzeszow conference

Today, representatives from the City of Poznan were fortunate enough to attend and speak at the 4th Edition of the annual Smart City & Smart Village Conference, hosted by the City of Rzeszow, talking about the achievements and plans of Smart City Poznań.

Open lectures: "Gender, sexual orientation and a new exclusion policy," end "The impact of extreme neglect in early childhood on the development of the nervous system"

Faculty of Biology of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and the City of Poznań invite you to two open lectures which will take place on 9 September 2022:

  • at 9:45 a lecture entitled "Gender, sexual orientation and a new exclusion policy," will be delivered by Dr. Matthew Skinta
  • at 3:15 pm a lecture entitled "The impact of extreme neglect in early childhood on the development of the nervous system" will be delivered by Prof. Edmund Sonuga-Barke.

The lectures will take place in the Assembly Hall of the Faculty of Chemistry of the Adam Mickiewicz University, ul. Uniwersytetu Poznańskiego 8.

We also invite you to the online broadcast on the website www.act2022.com

The lectures are held as part of the conference "Curiosity Builds Bridges".

Verdi for a good start

Hans von Bülow, conductor, pianist, and composer, and, in his personal life, Richard Wagner's father-in-law, described Verdi's Messa da Requiem as "an opera disguised in liturgical vestments", accusing the author of utterly corrupting the Italian style. In stark contrast to von Bülow, Brahms regarded Verdi's composition as a work of genius.

To hearten the people

Whenever reggae and ragga blend with acoustic rock, funk and hip-hop, wonders tend to happen. The kind that today, in times so trying for our eastern neighbours, are desperately needed. This is no news to one of them, Sergiy Babkin, a singer, guitarist, actor, and co-founder of the popular 5'nizza duo, who will take the stage at the Zamek (Castle) Cultural Centre to sing the songs he recorded with Andrei Zaporozhets and especially his solo pieces.

Blockchain technology for companies and business! The first conference of its kind in Poznań

Do you run a company or business in Poland? Wondering how to stay ahead of the competition? Learn about one of the biggest technological trends of the future that will revolutionise many industries! Already on 13 September, a one-day conference "Blockchain in business - new opportunities" will be held, organised by the Blockchain Poland Association, which is fully dedicated to the practical applications of blockchain for businesses and projects.

The triumph of independence

An unmistakeable element of perversity comes across in the title of an exhibition coming on view in the Zamek (Castle) Cultural Centre on 10 September. It has been named The Triumph of Colour: French graphic masterpieces from the late 19th and early 20th centuries from the collection of the National Museum in Kraków. Although the predominance of colour identifies more readily with paintings than graphics from that period, colour, of all things, is what has become the focal point of this latest display curated by Krystyna Kulig-Janarek.

A weekend in the forts

The last holiday weekend of the summer is a major celebration for Poznań's fortification buffs. All sorts of military facilities will made available to the public morning to evening.

The iron artist

Decorative lamps in front of the Warsaw building of the Zachęta National Gallery of Art, bars for the windows of the Poznań Ballet School, the City Hall and the Arsenal Gallery, and an abstract geometric composition called Victory in the Citadel Park are just a few of the many examples of Julian Boss-Gosławski's art. The sculptor's works, including pieces from his Epidemic series, the sculptures Hiroshima and County Battleship, and items from the National Museum of Poznań and private collections will be on display in the Piekary Gallery starting on 19 August.

Softswiss, based in Poznań, plans to increase the number of employees by as much as 50%. What advantages of the Polish market is perceived by an international IT company?

The very dynamic development of the IT industry encourages large international corporations to enter the Polish market. The leading developer of the software, SOFTSWISS, has opened a technology centre in Poznań just a year ago and already reached four times the level of employment than assumed in the business plan to open a company in Poland. Programmers from the Polish Softswiss team are developing innovative IT products for clients from all over the world. It is the first company to offer a cryptocurrency trading tool in the field of online entertainment.

Poznań's half-year business summary

The past six months were an extremely intense and productive period for Poznań. The market downturn and reduced activities as a result of the pandemic didn't slow down the City's development. The effects of the activities are visible both in the number of new investments and their quality.

A picture-like story

A feast of folk costume colours always makes the audiences smile involuntarily. Many opportunities to smile and savour traditions and folklore from different parts of the world will be provided during the 20th anniversary edition of the Integrations World Folklore Review.

An avant-garde artist emerging from obscurity

Her name comes up in all consequential studies on the Polish avant-garde alongside those of such greats as Katarzyna Kobro, Władysław Strzemiński, and Henryk Stażewski. And yet, the work of Maria Nicz-Borowiakowa has never been recognised in a dedicated all-encompassing debate or presentation.

Hiking trails seen through the lens of Władysław Rut

In October 1979, Władysław Rut set out to shoot a series of photographs portraying Poland's mountains in autumn. He traveled the trails of the Pieniny and Tatra Mountains from a base camp in Nowy Targ. He had a companion, his teenage granddaughter Anna, who would later, in 2021, submit the stereo photographs as she answer a call from the Posnania Municipal Publishing House whose Poznań Fotoplastykon was collecting material for its "Making an exhibition together" project. The resulting collection is currently on view at the Fotoplastykon's venue.

Tey*, Bamber!

I will always be fond of Bamber Day. It was during one of the Bamber Day events that I met the future protagonists of my photo exhibition, who were folklore enthusiasts and with whom I have remained in touch to this day. This year's Bamber Day will be part of a bigger Poznań Traditions Festival scheduled for 5-7 August.

Poznan Bamber women in Bamberg

Poznan Bamber women in folk costumes could be met on the streets of Bamberg. It was an excellent opportunity to present the tradition and history of Poznan Bambers who, for three centuries, have been an integral part of the history and culture of the capital of Greater Poland and have been an important element of the local cultural heritage.

Celebrating animation

This year's edition of Animator promises to feature more than 300 animated films in its competitions and various other sections. The festival will offer meetings with artists, animation workshops for kids, and a visit to Spain. The dates of this celebration of Polish and world animation, to be held in Poznań for the 15th time, is fast approaching.

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