Dance week

Twenty-four instructors, thirty different dance styles, forty-eight ​​courses per day in a dance workshop for over a thousand participants. Such are the numbers for this year's Dancing fairPlayce. But while counting dance steps may have its merits, what it is all really about is sheer enjoyment.

Nothing new to offer - but so what!?

Unable to make it to the Jarocin festival this year? No need to worry, we have another plan for you. Without ever leaving Poznań, you will indulge in the rock hits of many Polish stars over two weekend days.

The jubilee edition of the Quadro Award is launched

For the past 25 years, the best architectural projects realised in the capital of Wielkopolska have been awarded the Jan Baptista Quadro Prize of the Mayor of Poznań. The jubilee edition of this prestigious award has just been launched. In this edition - in addition to sending in applications for the annual award - the organisers are also inviting residents to take part in a photo competition and a plebiscite on the city's architectural showcase.

GSK - a global leader in innovation

GSK is an innovative biopharma company fully focused on Research and Development. Its strategic goal is to unite three elements - science, technology and talent - to get ahead of disease together and improve people's health through vaccines, specialty and general medicines. GSK invests in research across its four core therapeutic areas of infectious diseases, HIV, oncology and immunology/respiratory. The company aims to have a positive impact on the health of 2.5 billion people over the next 10 years.

Tour de Pologne - changes in traffic organization

Cyclists taking part in the 80th Tour de Pologne will set off from Poznań on Saturday, July 29. The start of the first stage, which is located on Mark Square at the Poznań International Fair, will feature some of the world's biggest cycling stars. The race begins in the center of the city, so short-lived changes in traffic organization for drivers and public transport passengers will be necessary.

Poznan bets on bicycles

The city of Poznań plans to enrich its bicycle road system. In the future, existing sections may be expanded, including along railroad areas, as well as important tourist routes, such as Wartostrada and the Lakes Route.

A treat for programming enthusiasts. Sitecore Academy launches

12 weeks, six modules, practical tasks and, at the end, the creation of a mini information portal. Such a pilot course offer has been prepared for participants by Wunderman Thompson Technology, a Poznan-based company. The courses will end with certification and job offers for the best. Participants are primarily invited to become.NET or C# programmers.

An exhibition that calms the mind

Some exhibitions make everything seem to fit together perfectly. They attain harmony by ensuring that what visitors see is relevant for the setting in which they see it. Such harmony is defined not by the design of the space, but rather by an elusive congruity. The Jerzy Nowosielski: Icon and Abstraction exhibition undoubtedly falls into this exceptional category. It is held at the Archdiocesan Museum on the 100th anniversary of the artist's birth.

Poznan with a new vision of development

The city council has adopted a resolution on the new Study of Conditions and Directions for Spatial Development of Poznań. Among other things, the document extends the protection of urban nature and introduces "greenery connectors" that will include major pedestrian and bicycle routes. The study also envisages strengthening the revitalization process and developing new residential neighborhoods.

The city in The Chronicle. The Chronicle in the city

Launched a century ago in 1923 at the initiative of Zygmunt Zaleski, Head of the Municipal Statistical Office, Kronika Poznania (The Poznań Chronicle) started out as a monthly. Very soon, in 1927, it turned into a quarterly, a format it has maintained to this day. The magazine boasts being one of Poland's oldest publications of its kind dedicated to chronicling the history of a city.

Poznan has been selected for the Intelligent Cities Challenge

This is the second time in a row that Poznań will take part in this project. The Intelligent Cities Challenge (ICC) is one of the European Commission's largest city support initiatives supporting European cities in their green and digital transitions. ICC delivers cutting-edge knowledge and support services to cities and their local economies to address two major challenges: making the transition to a net-zero economic model, while enabling social inclusion and sustainable development for every EU citizen.

Representatives of the City Hall of Poznań on a visit to Stanford University

The 21st edition of the Poland Days symposium took place from 20-23 June 2023 at Stanford University in Silicon Valley. Panellists and panellists this year discussed the theme of 'Security, Stability, Sustainability And Resilience - 3S&R'. The event overseas was also attended by representatives of the City Hall of Poznan - Katja Ložina, Director of the Investor Relation Department, and Michal Lakomski, Proxy of the Mayor of Poznan for Smart City, who was also one of the panellists in the discussion on smart cities, climate, transport and energy.

Edison: A Little Anniversary

Grubson, Voo Voo, Muchy, Anita Lipnicka, Ralph Kaminski, and Sorry Boys are among the numerous stars set to grace this year's Edison Festival. The event is scheduled to take place in Baranowo, near Poznań, on 7-8 July.

On Concert Waves

Spring and summer present a splendid opportunity to savour the music of your favourite performers in open-air settings. One such occasion is the comeback of the #NaFalach concerts.