Dance week

Twenty-four instructors, thirty different dance styles, forty-eight ​​courses per day in a dance workshop for over a thousand participants. Such are the numbers for this year's Dancing fairPlayce. But while counting dance steps may have its merits, what it is all really about is sheer enjoyment.

A group of dancing people, all in similar poses. Photo in blue colours. - grafika artykułu
Dancing fairPlayce 2022. Photograph: Andrzej Hajdasz

"Ewa Wycichowska, the driving force behind the workshop, has been bringing people together for three decades. She alone is the big draw that makes our instructors come to us to teach classes during this dance week", explains Agnieszka Różańska, Dancing fairPlayce Coordinator, and actress at the Nowy Theatre in Poznań. The event has a long history and continues the legacy of the International Contemporary Dance Workshop initiated by Ewa Wycichowska at the Polish Dance Theatre in 1994.

"This long-standing tradition has bestowed us with a unique brand and a devoted community of regular participants," Różańska explains. "Our course participants are the other driver of the success of Dancing fairPlayce. Many individuals who danced with us twenty years ago are now returning, and some even join alongside their own children. This is made possible by our openness to people of all ages as we bring generations together. All you need is to either love dance or let yourself fall in love with it. Our exceptional educators and instructors will guide you along the way."

As soon as registration opens, classes with Abby Aouragh, who specialises in lyrical hip hop and commercial dance, fill up swiftly. The workshop offers an array of equally enticing names and diverse dance styles. Anna Gruszka-Kopeć will introduce her students to barre au sol, a classic-based technique. Jacek Wazelin will teach Broadway jazz and musical dance, while Jean Claude Marignale will immerse you in the rhythms of afrobeat fusion. Notably, after years of absence, José De La Cruz is returning to Dancing fairPlayce, having previously danced for Limp Bizkit, Korn, Evanescence, Linkin Park, The Prodigy, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eminem, and more. Moreover, the line-up includes Latin American dances and exciting novelties, such as the trendy hip hop move "twerk", in which you rhythmically shake your buttocks, expressive waacking from street dance, and high heel dancing. Additionally, "Spanish body percussion", a fusion of flamenco music with body tapping, clapping, clicking, and patting to create rhythm, is increasingly in vogue.

"Some enthusiasts sign up for six workshops a day, each running for 75 minutes," says Agnieszka Różańska. "All they plan for the week is to dance on and on." For those seeking guidance in picking classes, there is always someone available to assist. The workshop programme offers therapeutic and body awareness techniques in the Ciao Body course and exploring individual movement with the Gaga method. "For those not inclined towards specific dance routines, the tango provides an excellent opportunity to organise steps and start learning, even without a partner", points out Różańska.

The workshop caters to dancers of varying skill levels, from beginners to pros. Rather than emphasising competition and winning, the participants are encouraged to pursue a sense of accomplishment. Consequently, the finals on 25 August will feature a dance presentation that is open to everyone.

However, the presentation is not the only open event during Dancing fairPlayce. At 8pm on 19 August, the workshop will kick off with a Tribute to Whitney Houston concert featuring Hania Stach, vocals, and the composer Jacek Piskorz, piano. Free of charge dance parties and milongas will also be offered every night. "Our fully relaxed fun begins at 8pm. Our teachers are always welcome to join in. Anyone who loves to dance can take part, and you don't have to know how to dance as long as you love it", laughs Agnieszka Różańska. "Moreover, the venue on Bożydara Street is easily accessible by tram, making it convenient for participants to reach".

Enrolment for the workshop will remain open until 19 August, the official start date of Dancing fairPlayce workshop. Afterward, you are free to dance away to your heart's content throughout the entire week.

Agnieszka Nawrocka

translation: Krzysztof Kotkowski

  • Dancing fairPlayce Poznań
  • 19-25 August
  • fairPlayce Recreational and Sports Park, ul. Bożydara 10
  • Admission: PLN 310-390

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