IT company SOFTSWISS at Perspectives Women in Tech: full house at workshop on careers for women managers

The largest European conference for women working in the technology sphere - the Perspectives Women in Tech Summit - is wrapping up in the Polish capital. This is a major global event, supported this year by the international IT company SOFTSWISS, which has branches in Poznań and Warsaw.

Natalia Perkowska - grafika artykułu
Natalia Perkowska, Head of Talent Acquisition w SOFTSWISS

At Women in Tech, influential women leaders of today's world who have achieved success in the technology and IT spheres share their stories, their experience, their professional and scientific achievements, their vision of the technical future and women in that future.

Among them was Natalia Perkowska, Head of Talent Acquisition at SOFTSWISS, who conducted a workshop on the advancement of a female manager in the professional hierarchy. The topic of female leadership in the world of technology and IT is always actively discussed in society and it is also close to the world's leading software developer. Company representatives note that, in terms of gender parity, the composition of their team is noticeably different from others in the iGaming sphere - more than 1,400 people work here and the ratio of women to men is roughly 50/50. At the same time, the female part of the team holds positions not only in the service departments, but also in technical and managerial positions.

There was a full house at the workshop; it was the most attended event in terms of numbers. In order to accommodate everyone who wanted to attend, the list of listeners had to be increased several times.

- It was very important for our company to take part in such a great event, to give support to women in leadership positions in the technology industry and to tell them about the opportunities that SOFTSWISS creates for the female part of its team, - said Natalia Perkowska. - In my workshops, I talked about a woman's leadership journey, about the problems she faces, about self-confidence. About the importance of setting achievable goals in one's career to match one's values. The meeting was a huge success! I am really impressed by the extent to which the audience was motivated, and how much energy and desire for development I felt from each participant. All this is proof that women are now more than ever interested in the topic of leadership and professional development.

Natalia's words are also confirmed by the momentum of the Women in Tech conference. This year's Women's Summit attracted 11,200 attendees, of whom 9,500 were present offline in the hall of the EXPO XXI exhibition centre in Warsaw. The packed two-day programme featured 500 speakers and 56 workshops, focusing on technology, careers and social skills.

Several valuable meetings were also held by other SOFTSWISS representatives. Natalia Melnikova, Business Analyst Team Lead, talked about team management, and Margarita Komolova, Head of QA Department, talked about how to start a career in quality assurance - this is the direction in IT companies that is responsible for improving the software development process and spotting errors in product performance.

Another important event at the women's summit was the job fair, where specialists from innovative companies presented their job offers, were ready to discuss CVs and give their recommendations. And for those who wanted to resolve issues, related to their careers, a mentoring sphere was arranged, where female leaders in their respective spheres held individual sessions, shared personal career stories and helped other women find their career path.

SOFTSWISS - an international product and technology company with 10 years of experience and official representations in Poland, Malta, Georgia and Belarus. The company employs 1,400 people. SOFTSWISS was the first company in the world to develop a solution for working with cryptocurrencies in the online entertainment sphere.

In 2022, the company received the SIGMA Europe award in the category of ,'Workplace of the Year' and the SIGMA CIS award in the category of ,'Best affiliate tracking software'. And in 2021, SOFTSWISS was recognised with awards in the categories of ,,Best company of the year in terms of customer service" at the International Gaming Awards (IGA) and ,,Best customer service of the year" at the Starlet Awards. SOFTSWISS employees were winners in the categories of ,,Leadership", ,,Products and Innovation" and ,,Employee of the Year".