Poznań as virtual guest at Rzeszow conference

Today, representatives from the City of Poznan were fortunate enough to attend and speak at the 4th Edition of the annual Smart City & Smart Village Conference, hosted by the City of Rzeszow, talking about the achievements and plans of Smart City Poznań.

Smart City & Smart Village Rzeszów 2022 - grafika artykułu
Smart City & Smart Village Rzeszów 2022

The event featured an exciting line-up of speakers and thoughtful panel discussions focusing on the implementation of innovative urban tools in municipalities across Poland and Europe, and the strategies and though processes behind them.

Guest speakers were invited from across the continent, and Poznan was proud to speak alongside international representatives from Split, Klagenfurt, Lutsk, among others, as well as innovative city leaders from here in Poland.

As one of the opening presentations, we highlighted the importance of international partnerships and gaining valuable insight and inspiration from cities around the world that have helped shape the roadmap towards Poznan's smart future. Our presentation looked at the key themes that our city focuses on, examples of our successful projects, discussions of ideas that we have for the future, and our emphasis on resilience and what that really means to our city and its citizens.

We would like to thank the City of Rzeszow for hosting us, along with SEEDiA, Schreder, NextBike, Urban Lab Rzeszow, and the other sponsors of this incredible two-day hybrid event. We look forward to next year!


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