Poznan has been selected for the Intelligent Cities Challenge

This is the second time in a row that Poznań will take part in this project. The Intelligent Cities Challenge (ICC) is one of the European Commission's largest city support initiatives supporting European cities in their green and digital transitions. ICC delivers cutting-edge knowledge and support services to cities and their local economies to address two major challenges: making the transition to a net-zero economic model, while enabling social inclusion and sustainable development for every EU citizen.

Graphic showing centred lettering of Poznań and illustrations related to urban themes - grafika artykułu
Poznan has been selected for the Intelligent Cities Challenge

In the Intelligent Cities Challenge cities learn how to address these challenges through Local Green Deals: integrated, multidisciplinary action plans to lead the green and digital transition across sectors from the built environment, urban mobility and renewable energy systems, to tourism or small retailers. Cities become members of a vibrant network, gain access to tailor-made advisory services, innovation and sustainability management techniques, cutting-edge technology and training and get inspiration and advice from peers and mentor cities.

Dana Eleftheriadou, Head Cities and Proximity Team, DG GROW at the European Commission, says "Cities are the beating heart of Europe's economy. The new phase of the Intelligent Cities Challenge offers cities with the prime opportunity to put themselves on the map as a European Intelligent City and to turn their sustainability and technological ambitions into action, especially by launching their own Local Green Deals across city departments and with the local businesses. These will put your cities firmly on the path towards making the European Green Deal and the Green Deal Industrial Plan a reality, while scaling-up Europe's net-zero industry."

Building on the success of the previous edition of the ICC programme (2020-22) and Digital Cities Challenge (2017-19), the ICC has now consolidated its offerings and offers an extensive high-profile network, solid methodology framework and strong support mechanisms.

The previous ICC edition (2020-2022) saw €1.9 billion earmarked for ICC cities' actions and €247 million in public funding from EU,national and regional sources was leveraged which helped facilitate 336 actions planned by the 136 Core cities.

Cities have been specially selected to undertake a 2-year journey where they will create an impactful strategy and develop innovative solutions that will place them at the forefront of the green & digital twin transition.

For the latest developments and more information,visit intelligentcitieschallenge.eu.