The jubilee edition of the Quadro Award is launched

For the past 25 years, the best architectural projects realised in the capital of Wielkopolska have been awarded the Jan Baptista Quadro Prize of the Mayor of Poznań. The jubilee edition of this prestigious award has just been launched. In this edition - in addition to sending in applications for the annual award - the organisers are also inviting residents to take part in a photo competition and a plebiscite on the city's architectural showcase.

QUADRO - grafika artykułu

- The buildings honoured with the Quadro Award so far have become part of the landscape of Poznan. They all represent the times in which they were designed, and sometimes even precede them. Each of them also engages in a dialogue with its surroundings, including the users of these spaces - the inhabitants of the capital of Wielkopolska. This year, on the occasion of the jubilee edition of the award, we are giving the vote to Poznań residents by organising an online plebiscite for the Silver Quadro - the residents' award granted once every 25 years. I strongly encourage you to vote for the contemporary architectural showcase of the city," says Jacek Jaśkowiak, Mayor of Poznań.

Silver Quadro - residents' voting

The winning projects of the past 24 editions of the Quadro Award include popular cultural and sports venues, elegant office buildings and intimate housing estates. This year, from among the buildings awarded so far, the residents will choose one which in their opinion deserves to be called the architectural icon of Poznań. The winner of the plebiscite, the author of the project, will receive a special Silver Quadro statuette, awarded once every quarter of a century.
Votes can be cast until 15 September at

Architecture to be photographed. An exhibition as a prize

The organisers of the Quadro Award are also encouraging photographers, both amateurs and professionals, to enter a photography competition. To enter, all you need to do is submit one photograph of an object that has been awarded the Quadro prize so far via A map with the locations of the awarded buildings can be found at

The best pictures will be displayed at an open-air exhibition in the very centre of the city - at Freedom Square. In addition to presenting their work in front of a wide audience, this is also a chance to win PLN 1,000 gross (the main prize) and prizes in kind (photo albums and official City gadgets).
The competition will run until the end of August. The winning entries will be announced at the beginning of September.

Who will receive the statuette for 2022?

The call for entries for the annual Quadro Award for the best architectural building designed and realised last year will run until 1 September. Any project can be submitted, regardless of scale or construction type. These may include single-family houses, housing estates, squares, plazas and parks. What counts is enriching Poznań's public spaces with quality architecture. Residents, designers or investors can send in their proposals.

A correct application should include, among others, the name of the building, its address, the names of the authors of the project, the name of the investor, as well as a short description of the investment (with the date of its commissioning) and photographs. Applications for the award are accepted via an electronic form on the website:
The initiator of the Quadro Award is UWI Inwestycje, one of Poznań's oldest developers with a long-standing commitment to the city.
This year, the group of co-organisers was joined by the Wielkopolska Regional Chamber of Architects of Poland, which became the content patron of the Quadro Award.

- Architects' work is guided by the Vitruvian triad of design principles - durability, utility and beauty. I am very pleased that, as content patron, we will be able to support the Quadro Award with our values, knowledge and experience," says Bartosz Jarosz, chairman of the Wielkopolska Regional Chamber of Architects of Poland.
The winner of the annual award will be selected by a jury made up of representatives of the city authorities, the Wielkopolska District Chamber of Architects of Poland, UWI Investments and the Poznań Branch of the Association of Polish Architects.

An award with tradition

The Quadro Award is one of the oldest architectural prizes in Poland. This year it will be awarded for the 25th time. The first winner of the award was Klemens Mikuła for his design of a sports and sports-recreation complex on Lake Malta. 

In later years, prizes were also awarded to the authors of designs for the Stary Browar , the concert hall at the Academy of Music, the lecture centre at Poznań University of Technology, the Pixel office building, the City Park complex, the Brama Poznania (Poznań Gate), Collegium Iuridicum Novum, the library of the Faculty of Polish and Classical Philology at the Adam Mickiewicz University, the Bałtyk office building or the next stage of construction of the "Nowy Strzeszyn" housing estate. Last year, the Quadro Award went to Przemysław Woźny of Pracownia Projektowa J. P. Woźny for his project to exhibit the relics of Mieszko I's palatial castle on Ostrów Tumski. 

- The award with one of the longest local government traditions in the country celebrates its silver jubilee this year. The competition - originally held on the occasion of World Architecture Day in October - has become the most important local event promoting the achievements of the architectural community at home and abroad. I think that such a juxtaposition of laureate buildings, starting with the recreation and sports complex on Lake Malta and finishing with last year's winner, would make many a city proud," says Wojciech Krawczuk, President of the Association of Polish Architects, Poznań Branch.
The ceremonial gala, during which the winner of the annual Quadro Award and the winner of the residents' poll will be announced, will take place on 18 October.
The patron of the prize is Jan Baptista Quadro, an architect of the Renaissance era who was responsible, among other things, for the rebuilding of the Poznań City Hall. The competition is organised by: City of Poznań, UWI Inwestycje, the Association of Polish Architects Poznań Branch and the Wielkopolska Regional Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland.