Whispers of Silk - Meeting of Cultures

MDK1 Student Committee and ANIKAME Theatre Studio at MDK1 invite you to the "Whispers of Silk" Meeting of Cultures, which will take place on May 27 at 17:00-20:00 at MDK1 Poznań.

a photo of a woman with long black hair, half of her face covered by a white cloth - grafika artykułu
Whispers of Silk - Meeting of Cultures will take place on May 27 at 17:00-20:00 at MDK1 Poznań.

"Whispers of Silk" is a socio-cultural project. The project goals are:

  •  meeting of young creators of social culture with people coming to Poznań from China or of Asian origin, staying in our city, e.g. for studies or work;
  •  meeting with representatives of international and municipal institutions;
  •  exchange of experiences, learning more about Chinese culture, history, traditions, language, trying to establish friendly relations between young representatives of Poznań communities;
  •  an invitation to creative cooperation in creating the city's social culture;
  •  counteracting social exclusion;
  •  possibility of creative continuation in the form of workshops (musical, artistic and movement expression accompanied by sound, voice and words).


  • Concert: theater etudes inspired by Chinese legends.
  • Traditional tea-making ritual (Zaparzaj Tea Club Association). Wanting to show the richness of the world of tea, Andrzej Kokosza will brew Chinese green and oolong teas and talk about the beginnings of tea, the evolution in the methods of brewing it, practicing the gongfu cha method, as well as the tea utensils and tools used when carefully brewing tea. Wojtek Dąbek will present the extraordinary Da Hong Pao tea - its history, origin, as well as a handful of interesting facts and practical information related to it. And Dominik Waberski will make a comparative brewing of two black teas from the Yunnan and Fujian regions to show how geographical conditions have an extraordinary impact on the taste of tea.
  • Calligraphy workshop.
  • Vernissage, i.e. a show of artistic photography from the series: "The Whisper of Silk", with the participation of the ANIKAME Theater Studio. During the opening, we invite you to a free debate entitled: "Made in Poland" - about cultural stereotypes regarding Poland and China.

Youth Cultural Center No. 1 in Poznań, ul. Droga Dębińska 21, building E.
May 27, 2024 at 17:00-20:00.
MDK1 Pupils' Council, ANIKAME Theater Studio in MDK1.

Free entrance.