In the Archdiocesan Museum

A sense of surprise, anxiety and delight will grip you on entry. White, nude life-size figures bending down in despair line both sides of the arcaded courtyard of the Lubrański Academy. This is how Grzegorz Niemyjski portrays Lamentations, a Jewish prayer at the Wailing Wall.

To say that summer music festivals have been hanging in the balance is a huge understatement. Their organisers have been forced to quickly adapt to new circumstances. Some chose to postpone their events until 2022, others opted to sign exclusively Polish artists. The winners were those who, from the very get-go, based their programmes on Polish line-ups. Such was the case of Enea Edison Festival. This year's edition of this two-day event is set to kick off on 23 July in Baranowo near Poznan.

New public consultation website

The Mayor's Office Social Communication Unit is launching a new consultation vortal to provide Poznan residents with better and more complete access to relevant information on public participation and consultations.

Between Us

Poland's biggest celebration of animated cinematography: the 14th International Animator Animated Film Festival in Poznań, is scheduled to take place on 9-15 July.

The City of Poznan supports the development of Modern Mobility

Realizing the vision of MaaS (Mobility as a Service), which combines various transport services in one coherent system, available on demand in the Poznan Metropolitan Area - this is the main objective of the letter of intent signed on Monday, 7th June between the City of Poznan and take&drive startup.

Half-Year Business Review 2021

We started the year of 2021 with the premiere of a new promotional movie of the Investor Relations Department, which was co-created with the representatives of Poznan business environment. The first half of this year has brought awards, further development of Poznan companies, new Investor Relations Department's publications and 10 new investments in priority sectors.

65th Anniversary of Poznan June 1956 Uprising

Ceremonies related to the 65th anniversary of the workers' uprising lasted throughout Monday. Their culmination took place at 7 pm on the Adam Mickiewicz Square, where flowers were laid at the Monument of Poznan's June. On this important day to the capital of Wielkopolska arrived local government officials from across the country.

City Council solemn session

29th June is the Poznan Celebration, it is the Day of the City's Patrons - Saint Peter and Saint Paul. On this special and joyful day, the Council of the Capital City of Poznan, during the City Council solemn session, awards the most notable residents with Honorary Citizenship and the title of Meritorious for the City of Poznan.

Safe sounds

Krzysztof Zalewski, sanah, Katarzyna Nosowska, and Jazz Band Młynarski-Masecki are just some of the stars of the Summer Sounds series to be kicked off this year by Kwiat Jabłoni's performance in Old Brewery Park on the last Friday of June.

Connecting Nature Enterprise Summit 29-30 June 2021

Summit theme is all about enterprise and the nature-based economy. We'll be talking about the creation of jobs and enterprises in the nature-based economy in areas like health and well-being, sustainable forestry, green buildings, landscape architecture, urban planning, sustainable tourism, water management, smart tech and lots more. 

Malta returns to its roots

This year's Malta festival is going to comprise predominantly outdoor events, which is good news for all those who have dreamed to see it return to the original formula of open street theatre that gets intimate with its audience. And yet, the Festival will continue to cater to all those who have followed its Idioms, or leitmotivs, over the years, that identify and reflect key trends in contemporary theatre. This year's edition reconciles both visions.

FasterPay Expands Into Poland With Poznan Office: Jobs Available!

Global fintech FasterPay is ready to open its latest office, just in time for summer 2021.  And, yes, it's in Poznan! The office will be located right in the heart of Poznań's city centre at K9, Krysiewicza 9. That's only a short walk from Stary Rynek and Zamek Cesarski. FasterPay's arrival is fantastic news for local businesses, who can use the platform to simplify a wide range of financial needs. But the business also brings with it many new job opportunities in digital. 

BiblioboXX continues its journey

It was scheduled to stay in Poznan for several months but it remained here for over a year. BiblioboXX, because this is what we're talking about here, is a mobile Polish-German library which could have been used by inhabitants of Poznan when it was located in Za Bramką Street, next to the City Hall.  Now the colourful phone box has set off on another journey.

In search of a suitable image

As soon as 18 June, the winner of this year's Konkurs 30/30 (30/30 Contest) for the best album sleeve art of 2020 will be announced. This will also be the first day of the post-contest exhibition, scheduled to remain open until the end of July.

It's worth learning languages in Poznan!

Numerous job advertisements show that the knowledge of foreign languages ​​is one of the skills, which is the most valued among employers. Employees of the Poznan modern services sector provide services in 30 different languages. The linguistic competence of the inhabitants is a huge advantage of Poznan.

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