Another successful event for the IT industry in Poznań!

The IT community in Poznań is actively growing and offering more and more substantive events for IT professionals. This time, for the first time in our city, the ITCorner Members' Congress - an organisation bringing together technology companies from all over Poland - was held. The theme of this year's edition was Company Resilient to Turbulence, and the speakers were representatives of the City of Poznań and members of the organisation. The City of Poznań was also a partner of the event.

The ITCorner Members' Congress was held in the City of Poznań for the first time. - grafika artykułu
The ITCorner Members' Congress was held in the City of Poznań for the first time.

A unique meeting of representatives of ITCorner member companies, their guests and friends - the ITCorner Members' Congress took place 21st of June. For the first time, the event was held in Poznań, in the industrial spaces of Lab150!

Excellent speakers were invited to the ITCorner Members' Congress and, keeping with the organisation's principles, these were mainly business practitioners who base their stories on their own experiences and lessons. However, there was also plenty of theory to give attendees a full spectrum of knowledge about turbulence-proof business. During the event, the investment potential of Poznań was also presented.

- We are pleased that, after the pandemic, well-known events associated with our city are returning to Poznań. In addition, more and more events usually organised in other Polish cities are now making their debut in Poznań. This is a great opportunity to present the investment potential of the city and to promote Poznań as a strong IT centre - says Katarzyna Sobocińska, Deputy Head of Investor Relations Department of the City of Poznań.

During the Congress, participants listened mainly to experts from member companies and the whole event was divided into four parts:

  • Part I - Inspirations.
  • Part II - Stories that teach (Part 1)
  • Part III - Stories that teach (Part 2)
  • Part IV - You are not alone. The ITCorner community

The full Agenda can be found here.

The Poznań edition of the congress was also an opportunity to present the organisation's activities to the event's guests and to debate how board members and at the same time business owners are coping with the turbulence of today and how the IT community can be more integrated.

We invite you to watch a short video to show how the ITCorner Members' Congress went.

More information about ITCorner can be found at

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