City Council solemn session

29th June is the Poznan Celebration, it is the Day of the City's Patrons - Saint Peter and Saint Paul. On this special and joyful day, the Council of the Capital City of Poznan, during the City Council solemn session, awards the most notable residents with Honorary Citizenship and the title of Meritorious for the City of Poznan.

City Council solemn session - grafika artykułu
City Council solemn session

Honorary Citizenship is awarded for exceptional contribution to Poznan and Poland. The title of Meritorious for the City of Poznan can be awarded both to persons and institutions for special merits for the city. Honorary distinctions awarded by the City Council by way of a resolution are an act of gratitude and recognition for people and institutions for their commitment to work for the development of the city and making it famous in the country and abroad. The tradition of honorary distinctions goes back to the interwar years. Ignacy Jan Paderewski became the first Honorary Citizen of the City of Poznan.

The last year and the present time, marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, have been a difficult period for all of us. It is a time of trial in which social solidarity and taking actions that go beyond particular needs and interests are of particular importance. The people awarded this year proved with their entire lives and achievements that Poznan and its inhabitants are close to their hearts and that they are ready to devote a significant part of their lives to their development. Today, the honoured will stand next to other outstanding predecessors, to whom the city shows gratitude and respect in this way. During the solemn session, the Awards of the City of Poznan are also presented: artistic, scientific and sports awards. They are awarded by committees composed of eminent experts of various specialisations. In this way, Poznan wishes to distinguish the laureates for achievements in areas so important for the development of the city.

In 2021, Teresa Zarzeczańska-Różańska was awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of the City of Poznan by the Council of the Capital City of Poznan.

The title of Meritorious for the City of Poznań was awarded to:

  • Mr Hieronim Kowalski
  • Ms Barbara Napieralska
  • Ms Elżbieta Nowicka
  • Ms Sławomira Wronkowska-Jaśkiewicz
  • Health care professionals, social workers and volunteers involved in the direct fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

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