IT Companies Support Poznań University Teachers!

The Wielkopolska Association of Employers Lewiatan invites organizations operating in the IT industry to take part in the project "Grant for young academic teachers at IT faculties in Poznań". The project was initiated in order to establish a fund for grants for young staff at Poznań universities, and thus to support the education of specialists who will develop their careers in local IT companies in the future. 

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Grant for young academics in IT faculties in Poznań!

The past year has significantly accelerated the development of the IT industry not only in Poznań but also in Poland. During the pandemic, the demand for Internet products and services increased, and therefore - for specialists who would provide these solutions. In 2021, 87% of companies plan to increase employment, and thanks to the city's high educational potential, the IT sector in Poznań has access to a highly qualified workforce. It is also a great time to support young lecturers involved in the qualitative education of IT specialists. This idea is a core element of the project "Grant for young academics in IT faculties in Poznań".

- Poznań is dynamically developing as a technological centre. Every year, the city attracts new investors from the IT industry, i.a. thanks to the so-called talent pool. Therefore, it is worth appreciating people who contribute to the development of the educational potential of our city, and at the same time establishing cooperation with universities in order to have uninterrupted access to competent employees - says Katarzyna Sobocińska, Deputy Director of the Investor Assistance Office of the City of Poznań.

What are the goals of the project?

As part of the project, sponsors will collaborate with universities on implementing engineering thesis under their patronage and introducing IT business-oriented subjects to curriculums. Moreover, it has been mutually agreed and planned to launch new professional degree programs. In addition to the impact on the curriculum and cooperation in the field of diploma theses, project sponsors will gain the opportunity to promote their companies as employers among students and graduates of IT studies.

What is the Grant Program?

Grants will be awarded to assistant professors with a minimum 2-year experience, young doctors with university teaching qualifications who deliver IT courses at universities.

Sponsors declare that they will contribute to grant funding for a 3-year period. The funds will be distributed among the best young academic researchers and teachers. The beneficiaries will be chosen in a grant contest that will be announced by the Wielkopolska Association of Employers Lewiatan. The selection of winners will be influenced by a committee consisting of representatives of the project sponsors and the results of a survey conducted over the Internet among students, employers and IT enthusiasts.

"Team competencies are a key resource in IT companies, but acquiring new specialists is a huge challenge for the entire industry. Investing in the education of our future employees and our involvement in the creation of curriculums is an effective way to solve the growing problem of staff shortages and insufficient competencies in IT companies " says Piotr Śledź, president of IT.integro and one of the project sponsors.

Find out more to take part in the project!
To learn more about the project or to join as a sponsor, please contact us by sending an e-mail to:
We will answer your questions about the grant award procedure, forms of collaboration and business benefits for sponsors.

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