Local Trends - self-government members above divides

On 11th of October Local Trends - European Self-Government Forum will take place in Poznań. Participants will conduct debates about options for improving the cities for better living of inhabitants. They will also consider ways to unite strengths above divides, for changing local policies for better.

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Local Trends 2021.

Local Trends -European Self-Government Forum is a project of Jacek Jaśkowiak, president of Poznań and Jacek Karnowski, president of Sopot. The event came into existence thanks to cooperation between Marshal Offices of Greater Poland and Pomeranian Voivodeships, Union of Polish Metropolises, Association of Polish Cities and Association of Polish Rural Municipalities. It will start on 11th of October on International Poznań Fairs and will be there for 2 days.

A goal of meeting is to create a space for debate and set directions for sustainable development of regions. Participants will search answers for key questions for self-governments from entire Poland. Choice of topics was made by Programme Council, with its members from various sides of political scene.

First day of Forum will begin with plenary sessions. Among many important matters, its participants will discuss on urban greenery, modern public services and more. They will also consider, how self-governments are able to cooperate with European Investment Bank for curbing an influence of climate change and they will talk about reform of self-government incomes and perspectives of municipal and district financing.

Second day will be dedicated to parallel debates. Participants will face difficult subjects: green transformation of cities and regions and cybersecurity in municipalities.

They will also deal with matters of energy efficiency and climate neutrality. Above all, they will focus on ways to act for increasing the standard of living in cities and countryside - as well as discussing on spatial planning and effective public services.

On Tuesday, 12th of October, there will be a meeting of self-government leaders. Presidents of Poznań, Sopot, Łódź and Świdnica, as well as leader of Association of Polish Rural Municipalities and village mayor of Tarnowo Podgórne, will create a map of trends and systemic challenges for self-governments.

Detailed event agenda is available at: https://localtrends.pl/en/

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