St. John's Fair on the Old Market Square

Poznan Old Market will once again be filled with colorful stalls, and the capital of Wielkopolska will be visited by artists, craftsmen and artisans. In mid-June the St. John's Fair will begin. 

St. John's Fair on the Old Market Square - grafika artykułu
St. John's Fair on the Old Market Square

- St. John's Fair is a long-standing tradition. This year it will be held for the 46th time. As always, it will be an opportunity to taste good cuisine, buy interesting craft products and spend a nice time in the Old Market area," says Iwona Rafińska, President of Targowiska.

St. John's Fair will begin on June 12 and will last until June 27. Wooden bungalows and craftsmen's own stands will again be filled with unique artistic objects - among others, author's hand-made jewelry; ornaments made of amber, silver, bronze, wood and natural horn; natural stones and antique glass; clothes and accessories made of linen, silk, felt; ceramics hand-made on the potter's wheel, T-shirts with author's prints and a whole range of decorative articles. Some of the exhibitors at the fair will be carrying out individual customer orders (e.g. jewelry or other artistic objects).

For lovers of good cuisine there are many delicacies from various parts of Poland and beyond. You will be able to buy challah, olives, oils and oils in different flavors; cheese from Podhale, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Spain; Lithuanian sausages and breads and bread acid; bee honey from the apiary at home, fruit in chocolate, waffles, flavored coffees and many other specialties.

That's not all. Gardening enthusiasts will be able to buy flower bulbs. The fair will also offer various types of alcoholic beverages - from liqueurs, liqueurs, flavored vodkas and distillates, through meads, plum brandies, to Polish organic wines, cider and craft beers. Poznan Social Emergency will also present a rich offer of handicrafts made by its charges.

It is hard to imagine St. John's Fair without collectors, numismatists, philatelists and antique dealers. This year you will meet them at the Town Hall and in the J.B. Quadro street. Quadro street.

The stalls will be open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. or until the "last" customer.

- The summer holiday mood will be brought to Poznań residents and tourists by beautiful decorations. The market houses will be decorated with floral wreaths, and the visitors will be led to the fairground by two occasional gates, against the background of which it will be possible to take a souvenir photo, says Iwona Rafińska.

Visitors to the St. John's Fair will be able to take part in a competition. Every day you can win a shopping voucher worth 100 zlotys to be redeemed at the exhibitors present at the market. Detailed information can be found on Facebook.

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