Subsidies for rainwater harvesting systems

The City of Poznan will subsidize solutions which aim to retain and reuse rainwater. This initiative is necessary in the face of deepening climate change and its impact on the water resources of the capital of Wielkopolska Region. The subsidy programme was unanimously adopted by the city councillors.

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Subsidies for rainwater harvesting systems

Among numerous benefits resulting from the increase of natural retention it is worth mentioning the improvement of local microclimate or relieving the water supply network. The point is that water does not "run away", i.e. instead of flowing into the stormwater drainage system and Warta river it stays where it falls and is then used again, e.g. for watering home gardens.

In the case of small retention, not only the actions taken by city officials, but also by the residents are important. Everyone can contribute to saving water resources on their own property. The city wants to encourage Poznan residents to take such actions. The residents as well as entrepreneurs or housing communities and cooperatives will be able to count on subsidies for construction of rainwater retention systems.

- Creation of rainwater retention system is one of the key actions aimed at improving the environmental conditions in Poznan. This task requires a number of large investments to which we are preparing. We have conducted an inventory of infrastructure. We have developed systemic solutions. However, the challenges also lie with the residents themselves. That is why we want to encourage Poznan residents to collect and manage rainwater - says Jacek Jaśkowiak, Mayor of Poznan.

The residents of Poznan can apply for the funding. Among them there are private persons as well as housing communities and cooperatives, institutions or entrepreneurs. The grant may cover up to 80 percent of the costs. Cooperatives and housing communities may count on the aid in the amount of up to PLN 50 thousand, others - up to PLN 5 thousand.

The property that is eligible for the grant must be located in Poznan (the applicant must be the owner, perpetual usufructuary or have another legal title allowing for the use of the property).

The grant can be used for the purchase of materials, installation and construction of a rainwater system for retaining and using the precipitation in the place where it occurs - an aboveground or underground rainwater storage tank, rain garden in the ground, as well as a container, well or absorption trough. Grants are also available for the purchase of materials and work to upgrade and improve an existing stormwater system.

This year the City of Poznan will allocate PLN 500 thousand for rainwater harvesting systems. The call for grant applications will start in April. Grants will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis until funds are exhausted.

Projects Coordination and Urban Regeneration Office is responsible for the implementation of the program.

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