The Poznan IT industry starts 2021 positively

Although last year brought a decline in Polish economy, the modern services sector has recorded the growth. The ALTEN Poland company also operates in this industry and has ended 2020 with the record results, increase of employment and two prestigious awards.

Constant growth in the IT industry - grafika artykułu
Constant growth in the IT industry

The IT sector coped with the pandemic better than the most industries both in terms of revenues and employment dynamics. After a slight market downtime in the second quarter of the year, the demand for the IT specialists quickly  grew again. One of the actively recruiting employers was ALTEN Poland - a company that belongs to the ALTEN Group. It is one of the global engineering and technology market's leaders, which provide solutions for entities from the IT, banking, industrial automation, energy, automotive, railway and aviation industries.

- We are constantly looking for the experts specializing in the automation process, production as well as cloud, cyber security and smart home solutions. The demand for the specialists working in these areas is constantly growing, especially in times of the rapid digitalization, to which many companies weren't prepared. In 2021, we are planning to increase employment - says Ewa Gumula, Managing Director of ALTEN Poland.

The Poznan branch of the company has increased its team of engineers and today employs over 50 people. Moreover, it is planning further development in the next few years.

In the coming months, the Poznan office of the ALTEN Poland will be looking for such specialists as:  Automation Tester (Python), Java Developer and Embedded Software Engineer.

- Despite the difficult period for the economy, ALTEN Poland continues to develop in Poznan, which is a great satisfaction for us. This means that the highly qualified workforce available in our city continues to attract investors from the IT industry - emphasizes Katja Lożina, Director of the Investor Relations Department.

The dynamic and in the same time sustainable development of the company, which also takes into account employees' needs, was awarded in two prestigious plebiscites: Forbes Diamonds 2021 and Great Place to Work 2021 (international certificate awarded on the basis of employees' assessments).

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