Route 10: Lake Maltańskie and adjacent area

Lake Maltańskie is the name of an artificial lake made by the damming of the River Cybina, a right-side tributary of the River Warta. The diggings to shape the basin of the lake were started by the Germans during World War 2. The reservoir was filled with water in 1952. The lake has an area of 64 ha. Its length is 2220 m; its maximum width and depth are 460 m and 5 m, respectively. It is also one of the most up-todate regatta courses in Europe. Completed in 1990, the course is 2000 m in length and 175 m in width. At the southern end of the reservoir is a bathing beach.

Along the northern shore of the lake runs the Maltanka Miniature Railway, which was opened in 1972. The length of the line is 3.8 km. One terminus is called "Maltanka"; the other, situated near the entrance to the New Zoo, is called "Zwierzyniec". There are three stops on the way: "Ptyś" (near the Novotel Poznań Malta Hotel), "Balbinka" and "Przystań". In 1994, a rail car popularly referred to as Ryjek (the Snout) came into use. It is now the oldest working rail car in Europe.

On the southern shore of the lake you will easily find the Malta-Ski Sports and Recreation Centre. Its greatest attraction is a year-round artificial ski slope. Completed in 1993, it is 150 m in length. There are also two ski-lifts (a drag lift and a chair lift) and a small nursery slope. In 1998 a 560-metre-long summer toboggan-run was opened. At the centre, you can hire skiing equipment, bicycles, Rollerblades and family bikes. There is also the specially-designed course for a mini golf. Thrill seekers can try Malta-Ski's climbing wall. Below the toboggan-run is a children's playground.

East of Lake Maltańskie, in the valley of the River Cybina, is the New Zoo with an area of 116.33 ha. Its construction started in 1967; in 1974, the zoo was opened to the public. About sixty per cent of its area is covered by pine and mixed forests. A stream flowing through the zoo was dammed to form a number of ponds, whose overall area is over 16 ha. The zoo has about two thousand animals of about 260 species, which are kept in semi-natural environments. In 1995, a nocturnal animal house was opened. Visitors have a choice of three possible walking routes of different length. Since May 2000 the zoo has exhibited Siberian tigers, for which a special enclosure was built. From May to August you can also visit the butterfly house, where about a hundred beautifully coloured tropical butterflies fly among exotic plants.

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