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Poznań. The game is just beginning

As part of the EU project "Let's play in Wielkopolska" we have created a catalog presenting the potential of gamedev studies in Poznan and in Wielkopolska Region. The game development industry in Poznań is almost 20 studies, international events for enthusiasts (PGA and GIC), cooperation with local universities and a strong community thanks to which innovative projects can grow up. Check it out!

* This catalog was created in cooperation with POZNAŃ GAMEDEV BASE team

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Move To Improve 2.0. City of Poznan

The most important information on Poznań's investment potential for the modern services sector and more! The latest data on demographics, office market, smart city and quality of life in Poznan.

Published in 2020.

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Poznań Real Estate Market 2019/2020 | CBRE report

The report was created in cooperation with the international company CBRE. It contains current data and comprehensively presents the most important areas of development of the real estate market in Poznań: from the office  market, through hotel and logistics investments, to residential real estate and alternative projects. We invite you to read!

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Do IT in Poznan

The latest publication on the IT industry in Poznan. The folder was released in English in 2019.

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Focus on Poznan

The report contains the most current data on the investment potential of the City of Poznań. The publication was prepared by Pro Progressio in cooperation with the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, the Investor Assistance Office in Poznań as well as JLL and HRK.

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"Investment potential of the IT sector in Poznań" report

The report was created in cooperation with the Experis recruitment agency, which carried out a survey of representatives of IT companies in Poznań to analyze the potential, possibilities and barriers to the development of this industry. The publication confirms that Poznań is a good location for running a business in the IT sector, which has a large, but not fully utilized potential, which is why there is room for new players here. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the details! The report is available in Polish and English.

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Move to Improve. City of Poznan

The new folder of the City of Poznań "Move to Improve. City of Poznan" was created for the 9th Annual ABSL Conference. In the material we present the latest data on: human potential, business environment, communication accessibility of Poznań, office real estate market. The folder is available in English.

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Gamedev sector in Poznan. Let's play!

The game development sector is considered as a perspective for the City of Poznań. It offers interesting job opportunities for IT professionals and graphic designers. We invite you to read some of the most important facts about the gamedev sector environment! The leaflet was created in connection with the participation of the City of Poznań in the largest Gamescom computer games fair in Cologne. It is available in English.

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The Investor Relations Department leaflet

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Poznań: Miasto do życia | Poznan: City to live

The video "Poznań: Miasto do życia" ("Poznan: City to live")  was created thanks to the initiative of the ABSL Communication Club, which operates under the ABSL chapter in Poznań (ASSOCIATION of BUSINESS SERVICE LEADERS in Poland). We asked young people why they choose Poznań as their place to live and what their our city likes. See what they have answered!