Talent pool

Poznań counts approx. 532 thousand residents, which makes it the 5th largest Polish city. The Agglomeration of Poznań counts approx. 1 000 000 inhabitants. As demonstrated by the data of Statistics Poland, the share of the population of working age amounted to 57.5% in 2020. The largest group was formed by people at the age of 25-44 years (27%).

There are over 346 thousand employees in Poznan. The economy is dominated by the service sector which employs 80.2% of employees, 19.2% of inhabitants is employed in the industry or construction sector, 0.6% of employees are employed in agriculture. In our city, 650 people worked for 1000 inhabitants, which places Poznań in second place among the largest cities in the country (behind Warsaw). The largest employers are: Volkswagen Poznan (11 000), Adam Mickiewicz University (5,250), Kompania Piwowarska (2,700), Poznań University of Technology (2,300), Bridgestone Poznań (2,000).

Every fifth resident of Poznan is a student. There are 104 thousand students at 24 universities in Poznan, with the number of graduates reaching about 25 thousand persons every year.

Poznań universities offer approx. 250 fields of study, including Master of Business Administration (MBA). The most popular fields of study are:

  • economics,
  • finance,
  • management
  • IT,
  • administration,
  • modern languages.

The City of Poznań has identified the following priority sectors: modern services, IT, and R&D, and technologically advanced production. The sectors offer attractive career opportunities, inter alia, for graduates of Poznań universities.