Poznan is located in the Western part of Poland, more precisely halfway between Berlin and Warsaw. Thanks to its location, the city is an important rail, road and air hub. 

It takes 2 and a half hours to travel from Poznan to Berlin and Warsaw by rail. Furthermore, the development of the Poznan Metropolitan Railway makes it possible for residents of nearby localities to get to the city centre in a fast and comfortable way.

The unquestionable advantage of Poznan is the international airport Poznan-Ławica within the city's borders, which offers connections with multiple air hubs across Europe. Travellers may fly directly to London, Copenhagen, Munich, Frankfurt, Kiev and Warsaw.

Poznan is a compact city with modern public transport. Poznan has now 19 tramway lines (18 daytime and 1 night line) and 83 bus lines (64 daytime lines and 19 night lines). Poznan additionally offers a system of city bikes - in 2018, bikes were rented over 1.65 million times. The Poznan City Bike system consists of 113 renting stations and 1 227 bicycles. Users may also use the no-station system of bicycles of the 4th generation.

Furthermore, there are hundreds of vehicles and electric scooters which may be rented for minutes.