Pobiedziska Miniature Open Air Museum

Miniature Open Air Museum is a park displaying miniature models of historic structures and interesting fragments of town development in the region of Wielkopolska. The main role of the museum is presenting the spatial structure of the Piast Route* in its current and historic perspective, as well as settlement processes and the development of Polish statehood. The museum was opened in May 1998, which marked the 950th anniversary of founding Pobiedziska, although some of the models were already created in 1994.
It is the only of its kind museum in Poland, which features 35 most important and little known buildings situated along the Piast Route and in the region of Wielkopolska. Miniature models are made of durable materials in 1:20 scale: aluminum framework and plastic "elevation" preserved with chemicals. Some fragments are made of the same materials as these applied in original structures.
The models presenting town halls, palaces, churches, strongholds, etc. are true copies of original buildings that show even the smallest details. They represent the most typical structures of the region that are situated in three largest cities of the Piast Route: Poznań, Gniezno and Inowrocław.
The Open Air Museum is situated along the Poznań - Gniezno route (in l. 5 km distance from Pobiedziska), half way between the two cities. It is located in the heart of the Piast Route, in the valley of Główna River, in a 23 ha basin, which is a remnant of a gravel pit. The museum was established on the initiative of Krzysztof Wojdanowicz, a former mayor of Pobiedziska, who is fascinated with Madurodam in the Netherlands.
Miniature models displayed at the open - air museum:
1. The palace in Rogalin
2. Ruins of the castle in Wenecja
3. The Mouse Tower
4. The Raczyński Library
5. Church in Wierzenica
6. Church in Węglewo
7. Wind Mills in Moraczewo
8. a typical farm
9. Biskupin
10. John the Baptist's Church in Giecz
11. St Adalbert Church in Poznań
12. St Prokop church in Strzelno
13. Manor House in Koszuty
14. St John's Church in Mogilno
15. Palladium in Ostrów Lednicki
16. Palace in Antonin
17. Cathedral in Gniezno
18. The tower of Poznań International Trade Fair
19. Museum in Rakoniewice
20. Palace in Lubostroń
21. The Poznań Opera
22. Old Market in Pobiedziska
23. Church in Kościelec
24. St John of Jerusalem Church in Poznań
25. Church in Inowrocław
26. St Martin's Church in Poznań
27. Collegiate Church in Kruszwica
28. Collegium Trzemeszno
29. Church in Murowana Goślina
30. Palace in Czerniejewo
31. The Poznań Crosses
32. Cathedral in Poznan
33. Virgin Mary's Church
34. Psalteries
35. The Old Market in Poznań
The open - air museum is open each day, all year round, including holidays, Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00 to 20:00, except for Mondays.
62-010 Pobiedziska
ul. Kostrzyńska 21
tel.: +48 61 81 77227
tel.:+48 61 81 77822
* a historical trail that connects sites related to the beginnings of the Polish State. The main route goes from Poznań, through Pobiedziska, Ostrów Lednicki, Gniezno, Trzemeszno, Mogilno, Strzelno and Kruszwica to Inowrocław. All the above mentioned sites are rich with important historical monuments